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5 Reasons Why Nano-Concepts Is a Best-Bet Investment

Posted Jun 1st, 2016

The premier slip and fall solutions provider boasts three proven business models as it ramps up for a rapid nationwide expansion

With more than 400 owner-operators working across North America, Nano-Concepts has become the premier slip-and-fall solutions provider. Nano-Concepts is a low-investment business opportunity that any potential business owner can start for less than $10,000. With three proven business models that are easy to grow, Nano-Concepts provides innovative solutions to problems that the business community faces every day:

  1. Protection against dangerous and costly slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace and home
  2. Environmentally responsible ceiling cleaning and restoration
  3. Environmentally safe, long-term surface protection against germs, mold and odor

A Nano-Concepts business is quick to scale, so owner-operators can purchase all three business models at once or focus on just one. All three business models use technology proprietary to Nano-Concepts, and unlike the brand’s competitors, our products are exclusive to Nano-Concepts owner-operators.

Here are five reasons why Nano-Concepts is a best-bet investment:

1. Nano-Concepts is a business owner’s best ally in protection against slip and fall injuries

According to the National Safety Council, more than 9 million disabling slip-and-fall injuries occur every year. With a proven concept and a peerless commitment to innovative technology, our Nano-Concepts owner-operators have helped all types of businesses become safe environments for customers, clients and co-workers and spaces that are fully compliant with existing and forthcoming regulation for non-slip safety standards. Some of our clients include fast-food outlets, nursing homes, restaurants, office buildings, banks, hospitals, malls, spas, pool decks, garages, country clubs and public buildings.

Nano-Concepts has invested significantly in technologies that have a profound impact on the safety of the business community. Unlike the competition, Nano-Concepts doesn’t apply a nonslip coating to floors; it uses a proprietary solution called Nano-Grip®, which changes the surface of the floor on a microscopic level without changing the look or feel of any given floor. After a floor is treated, the Nano-Grip solution is tested using a digital device to measure if the floor is compliant with OSHA and ADA standards. This is a win-win for the small business owner, who often can leverage this treatment to negotiate a lower rate from their insurance company, or possibly get fully reimbursed through a tax credit. The owner also gets the peace of mind of knowing that his or her employees and customers are safe as they walk around the business.

“We’ve developed a business model that centers on the very straightforward idea that small businesses in every community need to guard against slip-and-fall injuries and litigation,” says Charlie Werz, President and Founder of Nano-Concepts. “You don’t need to be a good salesperson to be successful in this business, but you do need the drive to go out in your community and explain the benefits. Once you’ve made an introduction, you conduct a demonstration for a business owner. They can see the difference in their floors right away. They can see that the floor is safer wet than when it’s dry. It is very straightforward, and the demand remains constant.”

2. Far more than floors: Nano-Concepts owner-operators have access to multiple revenue streams

While Nano-Concepts is known for its proven and state-of-the-art slip-and-fall solutions for homes and businesses, Nano-Concepts owner-operators have access to two other lucrative revenue streams.

For a small investment, an owner-operator can purchase Nano-Clean™, a proven concept that utilizes environmentally responsible detergent-based solutions to thoroughly clean and restore the ceilings of commercial businesses. Nano-Clean is especially demanded in restaurants, where the buildup of grease, fumes and smoke can discolor the ceiling and lead to a buildup of bacteria that is a source of odors and is unhealthy for employees.

Jim Thiede, a Nano-Concepts owner-operator in Michigan, has made a successful career based solely on cleaning the ceilings of small businesses with our proprietary Nano-Clean technology.

“When I looked at different services, franchises and brands, I realized that Nano-Concepts offered the best return on investment, the most company support and a viable future,” Jim says. “With ceiling cleaning, there isn’t a lot of competition, which makes it relatively easy to win business. By starting with the demand in my local community, I have been able to forge relationships with several national chain restaurants, who hire me to clean the ceilings of their stores all across the country. The margins are very high, and because I only need one other employee, this business became quite profitable very quickly and has remained profitable for several years.”

The premier slip and fall solutions provider is a low-cost investment opportunity with the potential for high rewards.

Nano-Shield®, the new technology that is capable of rendering any surface essentially germ-free for a period of 90 days, is another potentially lucrative revenue stream that Nano-Concepts owner-operators can capitalize on. For known bastions of germs, such as hospitals, nursing homes, gyms and restaurants, this technology provides a much-needed, nontoxic solution.

“By removing and then inhibiting germs on the microscopic level, Nano-Shield technology affords the business community a ton of advantages,” Charlie says. “Since 80% of diseases are spread through cross-contamination, the use of the Nano-Shield can positively impact a worker’s productivity by decreasing time off due to illness. Nano-Shield also reduces odors caused by microbial buildup while eliminating mold, mildew and their damaging effects on surfaces, as well. It is quick to apply using electrostatic sprayers and dries invisibly on both fabrics and solid surfaces. Nano-Shield’s effectiveness can be demonstrated with our digital microbial testing device. The standard effective life of our treatment is 90 days, and this gives our owner-operators the ability to capitalize on a recurring revenue stream.”

3. Nano-Concepts is far above the competition

While the service industry is awash with brands that fail to live up to their promises, Nano-Concepts has a proven business model and a reputation built on expertise and customer trust, which is an immediate benefit to new owner-operators. We have established ourselves as a preeminent brand with a commitment to innovation, and our owner-operators enjoy this legacy the day they open their doors.

Unlike our competition, Nano-Concepts owner-operators have exclusive rights to our proprietary Nano-Grip technology. Nano-Concepts products are not and will never be sold on the open market; owner-operators purchase their inventory directly from the corporate team and can, therefore, offer a world-class and proven solution that leaves our competitors in the dust.

“Our opportunity is unique in that it has attributes that many other companies don’t have,” says Steve Sewell, Vice President of Business Development with Nano-Concepts. “You can start this business with a credit card. The work itself is very easy and very easy to learn; it’s not labor-intensive and can be done by anyone who is physically fit.

“We are in a unique niche in the market, in that there is unlimited potential for profitability given the sheer square footage of floor space that exists in North American businesses. The Nano-Grip application technique provides a high-tech solution that doesn’t interfere with business activity and doesn’t take a lot of time to complete. The margins are unbelievably high. If a restaurant has a thousand square feet of floor space, that job is worth about a thousand bucks, as we typically charge about a dollar per square foot.”

4. Nano-Concepts offers exceptional ongoing training and support

You don’t necessarily need a background in injury prevention and floor treatment to own a Nano-Concepts business. We want to partner with good people who are passionate and committed to taking care of their customers and who want to become a valued part of their community. Once the decision is made to become an Nano-Concepts owner-operator, we provide a tremendous amount of coaching and resources to prepare our recruits to be successful in their new businesses.

“We host all new owner-operators for a day of training at our headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida,” Steve says. “Our newly trained Nano-Grip operators leave our facility ready to succeed. We also focus on developing 30-60-90 day progress plans to assist operators in starting their businesses. We provide marketing support and materials to help you launch your business. Along with our online training seminars, we also reach out to operators to offer advice and support.

5. A low-investment allows entrepreneurs to turn the dream of small business ownership into a reality

Becoming an owner-operator with Nano-Concepts is more than an opportunity to own a lucrative business. This is an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle and secure a future for your family. It starts with the strength of our business model:

  • Low investment opportunity: a Nano-Concepts business can be charged on a credit card
  • Recession-resistant business: demand for service is rapidly growing
  • Low inventory, low number of employees, no office needed
  • Scalable and proven processes
  • Reasonable business hours (great work/life balance)
  • No prior experience required; easy to become an expert
  • Minimal labor involved

With the total investment for a Nano-Concepts slip-and-fall solutions business priced at $9,995, Nano-Concepts offers a low investment opportunity with high potential returns. With more than 400 locations in North America and abroad, the Nano-Concepts brand is ramping up for a nationwide and international expansion. The time to bring Nano-Concepts to your community is now.

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