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Slip-and-Fall Services Provider Nano-Concepts Is Different From Other Businesses

Posted Mar 24th, 2016

Why Nano-Concepts stands out from the competition

This afternoon we received a call from one of the delightful people who recently purchased a Nano-Concepts system, and who has just completed our training program. She had some basic, operational issues, and then asked a question that we actually hear quite a bit.

“With all of the support that you provide and with the in-depth level of this professional training, why aren’t you a franchise?”

The answer to this question is simple and it addresses one of the primary issues that you should be considering as you investigate the world of business ownership. Should you buy an existing business opportunity or franchise or should you start your own business?

Here are some basic facts to consider.

The average business that sells in the United States will sell for around $300-400k, while the average franchise will sell for somewhere around 1 million dollars. McDonald’s, one of the most successful businesses in the history of the world, will bring close to 2 million. The advantage of a franchise of this caliber is two-fold. You have a business model that outlines the operational functions of the franchise, and, more importantly, you have the name recognition. In an ideal world, people should walk in the door of your business based solely on the fact you have a sign bearing the name of the franchise. One of the primary negatives, however, is that most franchises demand bricks and mortar — a building. There is nothing inexpensive about maintaining a facility. The ideal scenario is to purchase a business that allows you to work from home.

Interestingly, even the more expensive franchises are no guarantee of success. We know of one local gentleman who recently purchased four sub sandwich restaurants — a name you would instantly recognize. The investment was well over 2.5 million dollars. He worked very hard, he did everything right, but the high cost of maintaining the facilities, the exorbitant franchise fees, and the undependable nature of the help he was able to afford put him out of business. A franchised business model, especially if you are maintaining “bricks and mortar” and the high cost of employees, is no guarantee of success.

A “business opportunity” is a trickier thing. While they are radically less expensive than a traditional franchise, the support and foundation provided by the parent company has to be radically less extensive as well. It is simply a matter of economics. For instance, if a business opportunity advertises “lifetime marketing,” how realistic can that statement truly be? Think of the cost of brochures, periodical advertising, mailings, etc. If you are paying anything less than 100k for the business opportunity, the absolute truth is you are paying for an idea and concept and not for their continued, free support.

This is very, very important. The growth and expansion of your business will ALWAYS be up to you, regardless of what the parent company says. If you have a proven idea and concept, save your money, and start your own business independently. If possible, save the costs of a building, and operate that business from home.

We know what we are talking about. We have been in this very powerful service industry in one form or another for close to 30 years. Many, many companies have tried to provide true “business opportunities” at a cost that made it affordable to the average American family. However, here is the problem. The cost of maintaining a professional level of support becomes impossible in the long term. An expensive franchise can do this, or say that they can do this, because of a combination of an initial exorbitant investment and the ongoing franchise fees. This “business model” puts ownership far out of the reach of most families.

The solution? Choose an INDUSTRY before you choose a business. Look for an industry that has proven track record of expansion and growth, and then plug your business into those proven, foundational methods of success. The Nano-Concepts business model is the perfect vehicle into these proven service industries.

At Nano-Concepts, we provide commercial floor safety, ceiling restoration and antimicrobial protection. We do not sell you a business full of promises and air. Instead, we supply knowledge, equipment, and chemical solutions that will position your business for aggressive growth and expansion — expansion into an already proven industry. Our training covers the operation of the equipment, the industry connections that you will need to insure your success, the proven industry techniques for expansion and growth, and the foundational knowledge vital to your ultimate goal — the goal of FREEDOM!

Our recommendation? Start your own Nano-Concepts business in this incredible industry. Save the cost of a franchise or business opportunity and grow and expand your business. Take advantage of an opportunity that offers untold levels of expertise, knowledge, and support. Work from home, and allow your home to pay you rather than you paying for your home.


The gift of Freedom can be yours.

Nano-Concepts seeks to partner with entrepreneurs

Nano-Concepts is a distribution/service company with more than two decades of experience providing anti-slip and anti-microbial protection solutions for healthcare, hospitality, residential and corporate markets nationwide and internationally.

Nano-Concepts will use the latest science, materials, research, and techniques, to protect the public from threats posed by unsafe surfaces.

The company will continue to develop, market, and install protective technology through our international network of partners. We will make unsafe floors slip resistant and protect all surfaces from damage by bacteria, mold, algae and other microbiological threats.

The Nano-Concepts suite of business opportunities are among the most affordable available, and are free of franchise fees or royalties. The investment is completely secured by inventory. For more information about become a Nano-Concepts owner-operator, download our free report.

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