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Slip-and-Fall Accidents Can Destroy A Business

Posted Mar 24th, 2016

Nano-Concepts offers slip and fall solutions for wet floors

Nano-ConceptsStarterBlogs-1When it comes to running a business and keeping both customers and employees happy, business owners have enough to worry about, so the surprise expense of slip-and-fall accidents can be more than many owners can handle. Given how expensive these accidents can be, in terms of both time and money, business owners have to take every precaution necessary to ensure that their floors are as safe as possible.

A simple application of Nano-Grip® offers a slip and fall solution for wet floors and guarantees that they will also meet federal standards for safety.

Slip-and-Fall accidents can be very costly for businesses

Even extremely minor slips and falls (those that don’t result in injury) can have a halting effect on a business because employees and managers have to stop to deal with the situation. Unfortunately, most of these types of accidents are much more serious. The 2013 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index pegs same-level falls as the second leading cause of injuries in the workplace, with an annual cost of over $70 billion between workman’s compensation and medical costs, according to ISSA.

What’s more, slip-and-fall accidents are more likely to result in time away from work when compared to other kinds of accidents, with a median of eight days out of work compared to six, according to the ISSA report. Additionally, 30 percent of same-level falls result in more than 21 days of work lost.

As costly as these accidents can be when they happen to employees, they can be even more costly when a customer is injured. There is really no limit to how much a lost tort case can cost a business, and even if the business is able to successfully defend itself, it’s still out the cost of defending itself in court and any poor press that may result from a publicized incident

Nano-Concepts seeks to partner with entrepreneurs

Nano-Concepts is a distribution/service company with more than two decades of experience providing anti-slip and anti-microbial protection solutions for healthcare, hospitality, residential and corporate markets nationwide and internationally.

Nano-Concepts will use the latest science, materials, research, and techniques, to protect the public from threats posed by unsafe surfaces.

The company will continue to develop, market, and install protective technology through our international network of partners. We will make unsafe floors slip resistant and protect all surfaces from damage by bacteria, mold, algae and other microbiological threats.

The Nano-Concepts suite of business opportunities are among the most affordable available, and are free of franchise fees or royalties. The investment is completely secured by inventory. For more information about become a Nano-Concepts owner-operators, download our free report.

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