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How Nano-Shield Long-Term Antimicrobial Protection Works

Nano-Concepts is the premier brand for keeping small business environments clean, healthy and safe

Cross-contamination is the quickest way of spreading germs from surface to surface, so hospitals, nursing homes, schools, gyms, hospitals, restaurants (and anywhere people gather en masse) need solutions to keep employees and customers safe.

Nano-Shield®, the new technology that is capable of rendering any surface essentially germ-free for a period of 90 days, is another potentially lucrative revenue stream that Nano-Concepts owner-operators can capitalize on. For known bastions of germs, this technology provides a much-needed, nontoxic solution.

By removing, and then inhibiting, germs on the microscopic level, Nano-Shield technology affords the small business owner a ton of advantages. Because 80% of diseases are spread through cross-contamination, the use of the Nano-Shield can positively affect a worker’s productivity by decreasing time off due to illness. Nano-Shield also reduces odors caused by microbial buildup while eliminating mold, mildew and their damaging effect on surfaces. It is quick to apply, utilizing electrostatic sprayers, and dries invisibly on fabrics and solid surfaces — providing a germ-inhibiting barrier. Nano-Shield’s effectiveness can be demonstrated with our digital microbial testing device. The standard effective life of our treatment is 90 days.

We provide exceptional training and ongoing support

You don’t necessarily need a background in infection control to own a Nano-Concepts business. We want to partner with good people who are passionate and committed to taking care of their customers and who want to become a valued part of their community. Once the decision is made to become a Nano-Concepts owner-operator, we provide a tremendous amount of coaching and resources to prepare our owners to be successful in their new businesses.

The time is now to open your Nano-Concepts business

Becoming an owner-operator with Nano-Concepts is more than an opportunity to own a potentially lucrative business. This is an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle and secure the future for your family. It starts with the strength of our business model:

  • Low investment opportunity: a Nano-Concepts business can be charged on a credit card
  • Recession-resistant business: demand for service is rapidly growing
  • Low inventory, low number of employees, no office required
  • Scalable and proven processes
  • Reasonable business hours (great work/life balance)
  • No prior experience required; easy to become an expert
  • Minimal labor involved

With the total investment for a Nano-Concepts slip-and-fall solutions business priced at $12,500, a ceiling restoration business priced at $9,995, and the germ-free solution business priced at less than $7,000, Nano-Concepts offers three low-investment opportunities with high potential returns. With more than 400 locations in North America and abroad, the Nano-Concepts brand is ramping up for a nationwide and international expansion. The time to bring Nano-Concepts to your community is now.


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