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How Do I Get Customers?

Nano-Concepts owner-operators provide services that millions of business owners need

There are nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States and millions more around the globe, and Nano-Concepts is seeking passionate, outgoing entrepreneurs who want to provide solutions to three common problems small business owners face: protection against slip-and-fall injuries, clean new-looking ceilings, and germ-free environments.

While the service industry is awash with brands that fail to live up to their promises, Nano-Concepts has a proven business model and a reputation built on expertise and customer trust, which is an immediate benefit to new owner-operators. We have established ourselves as a preeminent brand with a commitment to innovation, and our owner-operators enjoy this legacy the day they open their doors.


“You really have to focus on the businesses in your community when you’re starting out,” says Mickey Poulin, owner of a Nano-Concepts business in Canada. “You have to walk down Main Street and see opportunity. You do have to actively seek business, but we provide solutions to real problems that small businesses face. In four months, I had paid off my investment into this business, and the demand for my services has remained constant for seven years.”

Nano-Concepts owner-operators are not alone

We leverage our brand power, expertise and owner-operator network to help our owner-operators secure commercial work. In addition, our executive team in Daytona Beach, Florida, provides on-going sales support and helps develop marketing and direct mail campaigns.  The marketing team helps in the creation of custom marketing materials, such as flyers, brochures, mailers, web advertising and news releases.  We partner with our business owners and fully support their sales and marketing needs.

Nano-Concepts owner-operators also have access to support on a 24/7 basis through the use of our telephone hotline. A member of the Nano-Concepts executive team is always on call so owner-operators can get answers to the questions they have while a job is in progress.

“When I looked at different services franchises and brands, I realized that Nano-Concepts offered the best return on investment, the most company support and a viable future,” says Jim Thiede, a Nano-Concepts owner-operator in Michigan. “With ceiling cleaning, there isn’t a lot of competition, which makes it relatively easy to win business. By starting with the demand in my community, I have been able to forge relationships with several national chain restaurants, who hire me to clean the ceilings of their stores all across the country. The margins are very high, and because you only need one other employee, this business became quite profitable very quickly and has remained profitable for several years.”

Nano-Concepts provides you with marketing support

Marketing Tools

During training, Nano-Concepts business owners are trained on proven marketing strategies that our successful owner-operators use in the field, such as building brand awareness, generating a “buzz” in your local community and using a website, social media and email marketing campaigns to generate leads and much more.

Nano-Concepts business owners use a combination of marketing channels to reach customers. The integrated marketing approach includes:

Website. Nano-Concepts will assist you in the development of your website.  We will work with your web developer to provide the content, pictures and videos needed to have a professional dynamic website for your viewers and potential leads.

Direct mail. Nano-Concepts will develop at no cost custom postcards you can use for lead generation.

Email marketing. Email is a great way to target specific industries with tailored messages, and it works especially well alongside direct mail. Nano-Concepts will assist you with creating necessary email campaign pieces, such as monthly email newsletters, service specials, and special occasion announcements .

Content marketing. One of the best ways to build your reputation is by sharing useful information to educate your prospects and clients about emerging floor safety, green ceiling restoration and infection control issues. By establishing yourself as a thought leader, you gain credibility, which helps you earn business. Nano-Concepts corporate staff produces information blogs that provide thought leadership and serve as an advertising vehicle for local franchisees.

Networking. Nano-Concepts business owners are encouraged to join organizations that will allow them to connect with other business owners in their communities. It’s an invaluable way to learn about local businesses, get referrals, and earn the interest of people to whom you have been marketing.

Custom advertising design. If you decide to do newspaper advertising, Nano-Concepts can develop a custom ad for your business that delivers your unique message.  This may also include designing a “price special” or a “percentage off” discount ad. This is a free service to all Nano-Concepts business owners.

Open a Nano-Concepts business in your community today

With the total investment for a Nano-Concepts slip-and-fall solutions business priced at $12,500, a ceiling restoration business priced at $9,995, and the germ-free solution business priced at less than $7,000, Nano-Concepts offers three low-investment opportunities with high potential returns. With more than 400 locations in North America and abroad, the Nano-Concepts brand is ramping up for a nationwide and international expansion. The time to bring Nano-Concepts to your community is now.


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