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How Much Can I Make?

Ever dream of owning a business? Nano-Concepts is the rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting industry.

Nano-Concepts utilizes nanotechnology and proven methods to solve three major problems for businesses:  protecting against slip-and-fall injuries, enviromentally responsible ceiling cleaning and restoration, and creating germ-free environments. Nano-Concepts is the rare low-investment opportunity (low enough to be purchased on a credit card), whose services are an invaluable asset to the millions of small businesses in the United States and beyond.

What Do Our Owner-Operators Say?


“My biggest customer is a restaurant chain called Tim Horton’s. They have 600 locations across Canada. I do help the customers, but I really help the staff; and that is what I enjoy most. Very often, the staff reacts to the customers and they don’t have time to think about where they are walking. They slip, they fall and they hurt themselves. One of my customers owns eight of these restaurants, and she told me that before I came along, she used to have three to eight workers compensation claims every year. Now, she doesn’t have any, so the impact of the Nano-Concepts services is very palpable to the small business owner. In four months, I had paid off my investment into this business, and the demand for my services has remained constant for seven years.”

  • Mickey Poulin, a Nano-Concepts owner-operator in Canada

“When I looked at different services’ franchises and brands, I realized that Nano-Concepts offered the best return on investment, the most company support and a viable future. With ceiling cleaning, there isn’t a lot of competition, which makes it relatively easy to win business. By starting with the demand in my community, I have been able to forge relationships with several national chain restaurants, who hire me to clean the ceilings of their stores all across the country. The margins are very high, and because you only need one other employee, this business became quite profitable very quickly and has remained profitable for several years.”

  • Jim Thiede, a Nano-Concepts owner-operator in Michigan

The sheer size of the market which also includes residential, and the lack of meaningful competition translate to profit margins which are rare in more traditional service based businesses. This, combined with our extremely low overhead and absence of franchise fees and royalties, make Nano-Concepts opportunities truly unique at any investment level.

*We encourage you to speak with our owner-operators to learn how the Nano-Concepts business opportunity has changed their lives. Each operator’s story is different, and financial results will vary.


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