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The Nano-Concepts Story

From humble origins to the industry leader in keeping small businesses healthy, safe and legally compliant

The world has come a long way in standards for cleanliness, concern for the well-being of employees and customers and in knowledge of what solutions are effective in meeting these standards. In the United States, the continued strides of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the nation’s leading regulatory and enforcement agency for the safety of employees in their places of work, have rightly created an environment of regulation that aims to preclude employees from working in dangerous conditions and has put the pressure on business owners to protect their employees.

While it creates challenges for the small business owner, this landscape of concern for the well-being of employees and customers also creates a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs who have the answers for  those challenges. One such entrepreneur is Charlie Werz, President and founder of Nano-Concepts. Charlie entered the services industry in 1986 with a company he co-founded to clean and restore acoustical ceilings using a soap solution.

“In the 1980s, small business owners had to be educated on why their ceilings needed to be cleaned rather than covered up with new paint,” says Charlie. “There wasn’t a lot of competition at the time, so we became very successful. We grew from a services provider to a manufacturing company that put other people in the ceiling-cleaning business. In 1992, we began to develop a floor-safety product in response to a giant void in this space within the business services industries. In 1995, our company was named to Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500 List of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the country.”

The creation of Nano-Concepts and becoming the industry leader

In 2012, Charlie dissolved his company to launch Nano-Concepts, which centered around the idea that nanotechnology was both the wave of the future and the only technology capable of adequately providing solutions for floor safety, clean ceilings and germ-free environments in the commercial and residential markets.

“Around 2010, I became interested in the world of nanotechnology, particularly nano coatings — which have the ability to change the world as we know it,” Charlie says. “I have used my experience in finding and exploiting specific niche markets to find applications for these new technologies to solve problems in the marketplace.”

Charlie assembled a first-rate executive team to spearhead the Nano-Concepts brand and to provide three affordable business models based on the three Nano-Concepts service offerings of slip-and-fall protection, environmentally responsible ceiling restoration and germ-free environments. The executive team is committed to driving value to owner-operators in their businesses through initial training and ongoing coaching in winning business, marketing and providing solutions to problems as they appear.


“Now is the most exciting time to join Nano-Concepts,” Charlie says. “A new owner-operator is provided with both my 20-plus years experience in the service industry and the full-time support of the executive team. We have created three business models that are meeting a tremendous demand in the marketplace, and we are the only brand that is capable of providing adequate solutions for nonslip floor safety, ceiling restoration and for creating germ-free environments.”

A bright future for a worthy brand

With 400 owner-operators in North America and abroad working to keep the small business community profitable, safe, and compliant with legislation, Nano-Concepts is aggressively expanding across North America and internationally.

With three affordable and proven business models, Nano-Concepts is actively seeking passionate entrepreneurs who want to add a valuable service in their communities. The costs and fees to become a Nano-Concepts owner-operator are less than $13,00 for the Nano-Grip® nonslip floor safety business, and less than $10,000 for the Nano-Clean ceiling cleaning and restoration business. The Nano-Shield® antimicrobial protection system is less than $7,000, and even less expensive when purchased in combination with other systems ($5,200).


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